Premium Formulated



With clinically dosed indigents, Euphoria 2.0 is a Pre-Workout that maximizes energy output with an extreme emphasis on vasodilation for blood flow and endurance. Euphoria has been designed to have an exponential effect on well-being and flow state when taking 2 scoops due to the potent effects of DL-Phenylalanine.

Designed by David Laid

I’ve been a Pre-Workout enthusiast since my teens and have always wanted to make my own. Over the years I’ve stopped consuming almost all Pre-Workout supplements due to them being under dosed and containing artificial flavoring, synthetic color, and sucralose. Which is why for Euphoria 2.0 I’ve created an organically flavored sucralose free variant called “NATURAL BERRIES” which uses stevia and monk fruit as natural sweetening alternatives. All Euphoria flavors are dye free and don’t use artificial flavoring.